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Industry experience, business acumen and relentless drive led Bill Burmeister and Rhonda Castle to create CZ2 LIFE. 


CZ2 LIFE is an innovative and sophisticated team of executives and Retailers dedicated to changing lives around the world. Introduced by a mutual friend in 2018, Bill and Rhonda immediately realized their combined passion for the needs of people worldwide experiencing dirty water. CZ2 LIFE is a testament to the human spirit and is composed of real people.

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CZ2 LIFE’s belief is that a successful company is built around a powerful mission. CZ2 LIFE is deeply committed to helping Retailers and Customers with the extraordinary health benefits of CZ2 LIFE’s Copper and Zinc-based products and services while building an entrepreneurial community..

Bill Burmeister


A renowned scientist and the inventor of CZ2 LIFE, Bill brings his leadership and scientific knowledge to share with the world.   

Bill had a distinguished career in Pharmacology, beginning his journey at Eastern Michigan University in 1981. Bill was recruited by the Director of Cardiovascular Pharmacology at Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan and retired from Pfizer in 2002 to become the Director of Practicum Education with the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy.   

CZ2 LIFE has documented efficacy of the product which was requested initially by the United Methodist Church in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. Bill presented the product to the Ministry of Health in Haiti, which granted him approval to distribute and market the product in Haiti.   

Our ongoing mission in Haiti has allowed us to provide the people of Haiti healthy, safe and clean drinking water. In the twelve years that CZ2 LIFE has been in Haiti, there has not been one reported adverse effect.

Rhonda Castle


Over the past 2 decades, Rhonda has been providing leadership and strategic business insights to some of the most dynamic endeavors across America and International markets.   


Beginning her career in the competitive arena of fashion design and marketing, Rhonda quickly expanded her horizons and garnered a track record of success building teams in diverse business sectors, including nonprofit development, telecommunications, energy, economic development, entertainment and wellness.   


 She has honed executive level support capabilities and hard skills in numerous humanitarian and animal welfare/rescue projects and ventures. In 2006, Rhonda began applying her set of talents to the world of government affairs and advocacy and political campaigns.   


 An experienced business-builder, public speaker and leader in sales and marketing, as well as direct sales environments, Co-Founder Rhonda Castle is committed to using her many business and interpersonal strengths to build a better world. Rhonda’s focus daily is building CZ2 LIFE teams, Retailer growth and field development.


CZ2 LIFE is dedicated to empowering our Retailers through our comprehensive Design Your Life Leverage Plan four-tier affiliate program.   


CZ2 LIFE addresses US economy challenges by rewarding our Retailers financially through creating a low-entry point into the US Marketplace. 


As Retailers share CZ2 LIFE products with people they know, like and trust, their influence creates more financial incentives. Once a Retailer decides to align with CZ2 LIFE, their commitment is powered by our extensive networks, resources and training.

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CZ2 LIFE's Independent Retailer model is built on proprietary Copper and Zinc products unique to CZ2 LIFE.   


Copper kills bacteria on contact and Zinc is fundamental to the immune system.  

CZ2 LIFE is a bio-available, 99% liquid product of essential minerals for proper function of the immune system and pathways of the body.   


CZ2 LIFE is an anti-bacterial, broad spectrum, anti-viral mechanism for purifying water.   


CZ2 LIFE has verified lab reports showing the proven effectiveness of the CZ2 LIFE product. 


The proprietary skills, formulation and knowledge for CZ2 LIFE are held by CZ2 LIFE LLC.



CZ2 LIFE’s purpose is to unify people in a common cause - healthy, safe and clean water - and promote the improvement of the lives of people. 


CZ2 LIFE’s intention is to be instrumental in the U.S. market as we pursue clean water around the world. 


For every sale, CZ2 LIFE donates a bottle of CZ2 to a country with people in need. 


Our plan is to direct donations suggested by our Retailers into areas where they want to help and see the need for clean water.

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